Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quilting Again, Finally

I had a Right Knee Replacement Aug. 23, 2010 and life pretty much came to a stand still for awhile. This is not an easy recovery but it has been well worth it. I came out of surgery in good shape already being able to bend my knee but I think later that night my pain medication was too strong. It sent me tripping! Because I didn't get my full therapy, I was taken to a rehab center where I stayed for 5 days and only received one day of therapy. I was told they didn't have me on the schedule because when I got a migraine they gave me a pill and here I was back in LaLa Land!! I don't see how people can do drugs. I ended up in ER and found dehydrated so after a bag of fluid I was sent back to rehab.  I wanted to go home so bad and I told everyone I was leaving on Monday, Aug. 30 because it was my husband's John 65th birthday.  It took a battle but I came home that day!  My sister, Diana came to help John. She was a blessing for sure.  I started rehab 3X a week as an outpatient.  It was hard and the only pain medication I was taking was Extra Strength Tyenol but I survived the 1st 6 weeks.  Then I went through 12 weeks of water therapy which was much easier. My biggest problem was swelling and I wasn't able to keep my leg down long enough to sew. Finally, my swelling is down and I am ready to start sewing and quilting again. Life is Good!